Youth Art Contests by Think Olive Creative

Several times a year we host creative art contests of all kinds sending out $100s of dollars to kids (age 5-17) who participate. Each creative challenge is unique and includes drawing, coloring, writing, photography, video, and any type of medium young artists naturally gravitate to. To enter our contests are easy, simply email us to get started, we'll send out an official contest flyer.

Click here for 2021 Contests going on now!

To enter:
All you need to do is send us 3-10 images of your creation (including one with your hand or some portion of YOU :) 

Prizes for winners are..
• $100 cash (first place)
• $50 cash (second place)
• $25 cash (third place)
• $25 cash (honorary)

Winner age groups are..

• "Young One Surrealists" awards go to kids aged 5-9.
• "Next Gen Pop Artist" awards go to people aged 10-13.
• "Blooming Banksy" awards go to people aged 14-17

Common themes include..
• seasonal art themes
• reuse, recycle, upcycle
• fuits, veggies, animals
• character design, comics


Why contests?
At Think Olive Creative our goal is to empower young minds, and to fuel creative thinking and art making. Kids should continue drawing, and writing stories and creating characters and comics and doing all the creative activities with whatever supplies or materials are around.

We believe every child is an artist. Pablo Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist, the problem is to remain one when you grow up." Sometimes as we grow older we forget to draw! We forget to let the magic of our minds wander. The Think Olive mindset challenges this! Running these contests is our way of cultivating a community of young minds who believe in their innate abilities to create anything they want. In special cases, young artists are invited to collaborate on a Think Olive collection, to be sold in our growing shop. (We love showing how creativity can turn into a business!)

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