Art After School



Art After School is a Think Olive initiative committed to bringing more art and creativity to schools and youth groups. We do art classes! We organize events! We design cool things with you while inspiring, empowering and promoting the creativity innate in our youth. We currently serve the greater Twin Cities area in MN and always interested in collaborating and designing more accessible, online offerings in the months and years to come!


Creative learning at it's finest! We offer engaging sessions designed to breed creative problem solving through the lens of Reusability & Recycling, Mother Nature, Pop Culture, Technology, Product Design and Community Building. Participants will make things: creating prototypes and art pieces they can actually test and present or demo to an audience. Each program is uniquely designed for your school or group and empowers young artists to grow and bond as natural creators & collaborators. 


When you work with us to launch Art After School, check out the options below for either one-time, recurring, in-person or online class series. (Program duration is based on your needs and preferences). Each program option includes..
  • • An end of series art show/gallery and/or event ceremony open to a broader audience or publicly to the community, depending
  • 1 adult instructor (Heatherlee) and 2 kid helpers/collaborators leading each class (you can choose to have your own supervisors present as well)
  • All Think Olive classes are open to an accompanying parent, sibling or guiding adult who'd like to take this class with the child
  • Participating students have the opportunity to contribute to and build the Think Olive brand of offerings through merchandising on the online shop, featuring their work on social media, and more.
  • For those interested students will have many opportunities to practice leading, public speaking and telling stories while creating things, building on their ideas and showing work!


Option 1:
Art After School • 612 

6-12 week sessions
designed for grades K - 8

Think Olive will host 1 weekly art session (60-90 minutes) after school hours for a period of 6 - 12 consecutive weeks. Open to all ages and grades K (5) - 8 (14).   



Option 2:
Art After School • online

1-time, multi-part or ongoing online art classes
designed for grades 3-8

Think Olive will host a 1-time, multi-part or ongoing series of art classes (60-90 minutes) after school hours for students grades 3-8.