About us

- create art, make things 
- express yourself
- think big, dream
- mimic & honor nature
- see beauty in everything
- do it yourself
- be the brand (and the boss)
- be the art (and the artist)


Hi there 😍
We are a young family living and loving in St. Paul, MN and we launched our business, Think Olive Creative, in 2020 at the height of virtual classrooms, mask mandates and isolation from friends. It's our way to express, learn about the (evolving) world of business, create opportunities for our school community and grow together, as a family brand. We love being creative and making things (happen)! What started as 1 hoodie design and student giveaway turned into us producing school swag + uniform alternatives for a handful of local schools in the area. Principal approved 😁

Who We Are ⚡️

Theo, who is a great drawer, is 10 years old and he loves making comic books with his friends, playing Minecraft and teaching his mom how to Tik Tok 😜 He's currently working on Bizza Man Comics! Liv is 6 years old, she was born to be funny, and she loves drawing and coloring, too! One of her favorite things to do is "customize" her toys and make cool sets for her dolls and stuffed animals. 

And the momboss (me!) Heatherlee Nguyen✌🏽 I'ma forever young 33 year-old UX Designer + Creative Director currently employed by Optum (UHG). I love bringing people, growing ideas together and promoting positivity + creative problem solving. Before the pandemic you woulda seen me on every single school field trip and socializing with the kiddos! Together, we 3 make up Think Olive Creative. We're on a mission to bring more unique, creative programming to more classrooms & youth groups locally (and beyond!) We want more people to #ThinkOlive ⚡️



Why Think Olive? 
You may be wondering about our name.. For one, something from a movie called The Other Sister always stuck with me. The mother would whisper "olive juice" to her children in public spaces as a way to mouth "I love you" secretly. I love this sneaky play on words. Well, me and my kids have no problem saying I LOVE YOU as loud as Miles Morales' dad wanted his son to say it in front of his school mates in 1 of our favorite movies, Spiderverse, but just in case, they know about "olive juice." And they know I'll always say it loud and proud wherever we are. In fact, every time I see "Think Olive" I see my babies names 😉 and I dig that.

We are the brand.

YOU are your brand.

Create it.
Rep it! 

When I say Think Olive, I want you to think LOVE. I want you to think of expressing and showing your love loudly, proudly, through art and in public spaces. When I say Think Olive I want you to know I love you, even though I don't know you. Let our kids embody this same quality of loving, (everyone!) endlessly and unconditionally. I want them to fall in love with creating and expressing, and making things better than they were before.

Like the olive plant, we as creative beings have so much to offer each other and the world.. so when I say Think Olive, I want you to think big! Dream big. Do it yourself. Keep making. And believe in your ability to turn your magic, your ideas, into something people use and love and pay you for. #ThinkOlive Because the future is ours for the making!


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Work with us! 
Our offerings are so unique, always fresh for the youth, never replicated twice. We'd like to collaborate with you and interested in what type of arts program you're imagining. Are you a teacher or school staffer? Part of a community youth group? A student and/or a parent? Do you believe art matters and want to empower your young ones? Let's great creative!


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Get in touch to explore..

- new school swag!
- uniform alternatives!
art after school!
- youth art contests!
- community events + fundraisers!
- your next big idea!

Contact us today. We are connected with a diverse network of creators and we'd love to make your vision come to life!