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So Meowgical by Theo! 😍

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Mugs & Chili Bowls!

This one gives us Pokemon vibes! Call it an oversized mug or eat chili out of it. We got a cute selection of So Meowgical! mugs and kitchen things, go get yours!

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So Meowgical Thermal Tumbler travel mug 😍

Keep your hot cocoa or coffee nice and warm with this cute kitty tumbler, a favorite from the So Meowgical collection!

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Pillows + Blankets, oh my!

Deck out your bedroom or spare room with the kitty magic vibes! Check out the So Meowgical pillow selection this holiday season. Make it cozy, make it a set - we have fleece blankets too!

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Totes on Totes!

We're ona mission to get more families using more reusable bags. So, every order comes with a tote bag. Collect em all!

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Marshmellow Magic by Liv!

The Marshmellow Princess!

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After School Art ⚡️

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2021 Autumn Create Challenge: Recycled // Leaf Art

2021 Fall Contest

School Swag + Uniform Alternatives

Contact us about new school swag for your kiddos + staff!

Youth Art Contests

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Let's launch art after school!

We know our parents + students are always craving more ways to be creative and spend time with each other after the school day and on weekends!

art after school

Growing, together through art!

We believe children are natural problem solvers, and as our future leaders we should foster environments rich with creativity + collaboration!

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Meet the Momboss

Hi, I’m Heatherlee Nguyen ✌🏽 My kiddos Theo (10) and Liv (6) are my partners in business! We are Think Olive Creative. Our goal at Think Olive is to cultivate collaboration with school staff and students, support young artists and students in the creative development and bring fun, unique activities to schools interested in offering newness.. New school uniforms, new art programs, new youth & tech + business training opportunities and mentorship, and more. We are here to collaborate WITH YOU. How can we bring more school spirit, promote creative thinking and make something really cool for your youth community to look forward to and feel proud of?

I believe change is made when kids can naturally create from a place of wonder and joy. I believe creativity saves lives, and the future is ours for the making. So, now's the time.. let's partner up! Let's make something happen for your community today!

Reach out to Think Olive today + follow Insta for updates